What is ‘Branding’?

The practice of branding is far from new. Early man began by leaving his mark on objects to show ownership of property, to reflect a person’s group or clan, or to identify political or religious power. Ancient Egyptians left their mark in the form of hieroglyphics and the ancient Norse branded their animals with hot irons –  a practice still performed today by American cowboys, amongst others.

However, the term ‘Brand’ in its contemporary sense is relatively new, being the attachment of a name and reputation to something or someone, to distinguish it or them from the competition.

A brand is much more than just a name, logo, symbol, or trademark that highlights its origin. A brand is a set of unique values that defines its character and works as an unwritten contract, that promises to deliver satisfaction by providing consistent quality of product every time its bought, used, or experienced.  Brands also connect emotionally with their consumers, to ensure that they’re always the first and only choice for their consumers, creating long-term relationships.

The whole brand creation is a design and marketing process, and consequently has become vital to the success of any new business venture, new product or service.

In its simplest form, the practice of branding is creating differentiation, making one product or service seem different from its competitor.  Its Brand values, that are the core beliefs that a brand upholds, and which differentiate it from its competition.

A strong brand is the most valuable business asset you can have.